Cock Sucker Phone Sex At the Truck Stop


I love it when my naughty truck drivers and all hot and horny and give me a call. They are over the road truck drivers, most are married. Of course now most of you know who are you hehe. Your the men that are married, but living a double life. You are out at a truck stop parked and all hot and horny. See most truckers might want a hot pussy, so they get a lot lizard as they are refereed to. Which is a woman out there fucking the truckers for money lol.

But not you cock suckers. Your wife does not know that when you are away you are out there being a naughty little cocksucker. Does she? Of course not cause she would not understand. But not me. I totally understand your needs to have a young cock in your mouth. Your desire to have a load of hot cum sliding down your throat. Of course its from a young hot guy. Not only do I understand and not judge, but I encourage you to do it. This is where my sissy, cock sucking phone sex comes in handy for you. You call me while your with that man or call me after to confess what a whore you just were. I mean after all its not like you can go home and tell her about it. You have to tell someone.

Also for you lucky ones, I will expose you as well. Omg! now that right there is the best. You fags actually pay me money to put you on social media. You cant help it.

If you are a lonely trucker, cock sucker give your princess a call. You know you have a been a naughty boy and want to tell me all about it. Looking forward to hearing all your naughty confessions on gay cocksucking sex.

Princess Gabby

❤Gay Boys❤Sissy’s❤Cock Lovers, Phone Sex

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Sissy Of The Week

This little sissy has won sissy of the week. She has gone to the top of the tip and of course paid some good money to be featured.

He is the #1 loser, and is now coming out of the closet, and will be a cocksucking fag.

So Everyone say Hello to Fag Leslie.

Dont forget you can be a fag and exposed as well. But remember he is #1 for the week.

Princess Gabby

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Girl Next Door Phone Sex


I’m the girl next door phone sex princess and no one has any idea what I do it when I get home from school.  Except maybe my perverted neighbor.  I always leave the blinds open on the window for a reason. He just loves to watch me. I guess I’m sort of an exhibitionist and I love being his peeping tom prey or something. I don’t mind, I like being peeped on because I like showing off. I wonder if he saw me give this guy a blow job the other day. I also wonder if he knows that that random guy was actually his brother. I do all sorts of extreme kinky things. I’m a taboo coed next door who really enjoys being a all around sweetheart, but I can be a naughty Princess, too. I enjoy being pampered, pleasured and worshiped. I think fetishes are totally fun. I’m a teen with a hot, with a shaved pussy. I developed quite early and always had perky breasts. What do you think of my college girl holes? Do you want to stretch and gape them with a giant fat cock? I’d love for you to ram my ass and then put your cock in my mouth. I always feel so dirty when I go ass to mouth (ATM) is that what it’s called? Anyway, I’m the coed girl-next-door phone sex hotty with an fetish, kinky side.  Now of course there are a lot of older men that want me. Question is do they have what it takes to keep me. Yes I am one Spoiled Sugar Baby.

I am a Princess that gets into all types of calls. Different fetishes and taboos. Girl Next Door, Teen Brat, Sugar Baby, Feminization, Small Penis Hum. and so much more.

Come and give me a call on my new Role Play Listing on Niteflirt.

Princess Gabby

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Cuckold Phone Sex

1657_008 - Copy

For all those cuckold phone sex losers that will never get my pussy. The only way you will ever get someone like me is to pay for it. Most men with big cocks get to cum all over me wherever they please, the only thing you will ever have to cum all over will be your own feet or the floor in front of me. You are a little dic loser. I don’t know why you bother calling yourself a man. The only thing you will get is a quick phone fuck by a women you don’t even know. So many women have laughed at the size of your cock from me emailing the pictures (that you sent me) to them or you forgot to turn off the light before you dropped your pants. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even get a woman to fuck you out of pity. I think the only reason I continue to talk to you, the humiliation phone sex calls (besides I am getting paid to) is for the humor and everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

I look forward to you calling soon.


Princess Gabby

ext: 11257821


Here we go with Faggot Richie from GA

Hes such a Faggot for Big Black Cock. He has once again paid his Princess another $50.00 to be exposed once again. Going in the afternoon, taking on two black cocks at once like the Fag bitch he is.

Now he has truly turned into one cock whore. You can be a Faggot just like him.

Princess Gabbyrichie-3-1-17

Faggot Exposure

Here is the newest Faggot – Here is for Faggot Exposure.

I love how all these fags pay me $50.00  just to be exposed by their princess.

Richie Boi Parsons from Lawrenceville GA Admitting to being a closet BBC worshipping sissy faggot cum dump!  Such a loser, faggot wewe. All you dom guys you know you want to fuck him. He loves to  suck on superior black cocks. So hopefully someone in Ga knows him.


Faggot exposure Phone Sex on Niteflirt

Princess Gabby
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Wallet Draining Valentines Day


When was the  last time I fucked your Wallet? You know who are, it was just a few days ago right? After all you were calling my Raise the Rate  Phone Sex line

I didn’t mean for it to hurt too much! But I know you like the pain! As much as it may hurt to have your wallet fucked, you enjoy it and you keep cumming back for more. You like it, you love how every time you get fucked, you get fucked harder and harder! I know it leaves you a little sore after wards but it leaves you with a HUNGER! A hunger for more! I know that sometimes you are scared and afraid of me. You know I am always so sweet, but you are so addicted to me. You cant help but spending all your money on me. But you are more scared of not calling me. You’re not sure anyone can fuck you like I can! You love how sweet I seem but yet I am not sweet at all! No sweet girl can fuck you the way that I do! As much as you FEAR me, you NEED me!

So call me, open that wallet for me! Let me take everything, down to your last dollar! You know that you love how I fuck you and your wallet!

For the rest of you, Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you all love phone sex and loving having fun with a naughty taboo teen princess like me! Well make sure this Valentine’s Day you give your princess little something special!  Whether its that long phone call. My wish list or a big ass tribute. Dont forget Play Raise the Rate. Because that is where you get drained the best. After all she’s the one who makes you cum like no one else can!!!

Hugs & Kisses

Sugar Baby

Princess Gabby