Wallet Draining Valentines Day


When was the  last time I fucked your Wallet? You know who are, it was just a few days ago right? After all you were calling my Raise the Rate  Phone Sex line

I didn’t mean for it to hurt too much! But I know you like the pain! As much as it may hurt to have your wallet fucked, you enjoy it and you keep cumming back for more. You like it, you love how every time you get fucked, you get fucked harder and harder! I know it leaves you a little sore after wards but it leaves you with a HUNGER! A hunger for more! I know that sometimes you are scared and afraid of me. You know I am always so sweet, but you are so addicted to me. You cant help but spending all your money on me. But you are more scared of not calling me. You’re not sure anyone can fuck you like I can! You love how sweet I seem but yet I am not sweet at all! No sweet girl can fuck you the way that I do! As much as you FEAR me, you NEED me!

So call me, open that wallet for me! Let me take everything, down to your last dollar! You know that you love how I fuck you and your wallet!

For the rest of you, Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you all love phone sex and loving having fun with a naughty taboo teen princess like me! Well make sure this Valentine’s Day you give your princess little something special!  Whether its that long phone call. My wish list or a big ass tribute. Dont forget Play Raise the Rate. Because that is where you get drained the best. After all she’s the one who makes you cum like no one else can!!!

Hugs & Kisses

Sugar Baby

Princess Gabby


Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

blk-and-white-school-girl        Are you a Naughty Sugar Daddy? You have been having some very Taboos thoughts lately haven’t you. Yes you see I’m your next door neighbor, yes I’m the cutie school girl you have watching. But see you cant get up the courage to talk to me, cant you. I am a spoiled rotten brat princess. I will have to be the one that will come over to your house, and teach you how to approach a cute teen girl like me. Maybe I will teach you what all of us hot girls want. Oh Yes we all want a Sugar Daddy to spoil us. I have a few Sugar Daddy’s, Omg they love to take me shopping. Not to mention if they do nice things for me, they get a surprise. Some get there cocks suck and might even get the chance to fuck this hot teen pussy. Yes I love to play in the mall. Omg can you imagine just have sex in the dressing room of one of the department stores. Hell you know as you are reading this you cock is getting hard right now. Are you teacher imagining me bent over your desk.

But then again maybe your the one bent over the desk and need to be taught a lesson. Do you dare to come over to my house and play with me. Give me a call and we can have some naughty taboo fun. Or you can be my slut as I am all about fantasy’s and sex.


Princess Gabby