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Cuckold Phone Sex

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For all those cuckold phone sex losers that will never get my pussy. The only way you will ever get someone like me is to pay for it. Most men with big cocks get to cum all over me wherever they please, the only thing you will ever have to cum all over will be your own feet or the floor in front of me. You are a little dic loser. I don’t know why you bother calling yourself a man. The only thing you will get is a quick phone fuck by a women you don’t even know. So many women have laughed at the size of your cock from me emailing the pictures (that you sent me) to them or you forgot to turn off the light before you dropped your pants. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even get a woman to fuck you out of pity. I think the only reason I continue to talk to you, the humiliation phone sex calls (besides I am getting paid to) is for the humor and everyone needs a good laugh now and then.

I look forward to you calling soon.


Princess Gabby

ext: 11257821


Feminization Phone Sex

I feel so damn sexy when I dress up in my girlie outfits. I want to play dress up with you. I’ll make you put on my panties, bra, skirt and blouse…some stockings too. Oh my, you look so slutty! Feminization phone sex with me is loads of fun because I totally understand you 1657_030wanting to dress up in fem clothing. Heck what Princess wouldn’t understand. Just feeling satin or silk on your skin sends tingles up your spine. The site of little panties covering your little cock is enough to make you go to the next step! The next step is you taking a big cock. You should call me for feminization phone sex as I truly know how sensual and erotic dressing up can be. When we’re both ready and filled with desire, let’s have a sissy phone sex session. Your are a sissy right? Or perhaps you are curious about cock and dressing up and I can lead you on the road to a naughty adventure. We can go shopping, go to a glory hole. Or perhaps you just need me to be your best girlfriend. I have no limits on cocksucking phone sex.

Don’t be shy….if it’s your first time calling for Sissy Feminization Phone Sex, I can teach you everything you need to know. After all I am a young princess for a reason. Because I know what all real men what. I can help you. Come and play in the Sissy Zone with me. You wont regret it.
Here are some things I love on my Feminization Phone Sex Listing.
* Feminization – Of Course
* Cock Sucking Training
* Chasity, Intoxication, Raise the rate Game
* Shopping
* Giving you tasks

  • I watch you on skype when we do a call if you like. If you are interested, buy the Id then call me. I only watch!

Princess Gabby

Feminization Phone Sex – For all your sissy needs.
ext: 10601653

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Dress up – Phone Sex

Dom pics for dom listingLike any young princess, I just adore clothes, not to mention shoes, lingerie, every little gift a princess who lives on her own now can get for  herself. Some of these have been gifts from admirers, lovers, slaves, and yes, I treat myself now and then. Regardless, my closet is full of sexy clothing, perfect for a teen like myself. Well, and for a sissy like you!

I recently did a little spring cleaning and went through my princess closet wardrobe, and instead of donating the clothing I no longer wished to wear to charity, I decided to put it in this cute pink chest I have just for when I have the perfect older man in dire need of a game of dress-up. My instincts were right, and not a week later did I happen upon an adorable college guy at a local watering hole.  He must of heard me purr “sissy” because not an hour later were we back at my condo with me on the edge of my bed, watching him dress up in my discarded lingerie and stockings.

Silly boy bent over to pull up his stockings, and little did he know I had a dildo at the ready to make sure his night was complete.

Call me, Princess Gabby, for sissy dress-up, teen princess, and cock sucker phone sex fun!

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