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Girl Next Door Phone Sex


I’m the girl next door phone sex princess and no one has any idea what I do it when I get home from school.  Except maybe my perverted neighbor.  I always leave the blinds open on the window for a reason. He just loves to watch me. I guess I’m sort of an exhibitionist and I love being his peeping tom prey or something. I don’t mind, I like being peeped on because I like showing off. I wonder if he saw me give this guy a blow job the other day. I also wonder if he knows that that random guy was actually his brother. I do all sorts of extreme kinky things. I’m a taboo coed next door who really enjoys being a all around sweetheart, but I can be a naughty Princess, too. I enjoy being pampered, pleasured and worshiped. I think fetishes are totally fun. I’m a teen with a hot, with a shaved pussy. I developed quite early and always had perky breasts. What do you think of my college girl holes? Do you want to stretch and gape them with a giant fat cock? I’d love for you to ram my ass and then put your cock in my mouth. I always feel so dirty when I go ass to mouth (ATM) is that what it’s called? Anyway, I’m the coed girl-next-door phone sex hotty with an fetish, kinky side.  Now of course there are a lot of older men that want me. Question is do they have what it takes to keep me. Yes I am one Spoiled Sugar Baby.

I am a Princess that gets into all types of calls. Different fetishes and taboos. Girl Next Door, Teen Brat, Sugar Baby, Feminization, Small Penis Hum. and so much more.

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Princess Gabby

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Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

blk-and-white-school-girl        Are you a Naughty Sugar Daddy? You have been having some very Taboos thoughts lately haven’t you. Yes you see I’m your next door neighbor, yes I’m the cutie school girl you have watching. But see you cant get up the courage to talk to me, cant you. I am a spoiled rotten brat princess. I will have to be the one that will come over to your house, and teach you how to approach a cute teen girl like me. Maybe I will teach you what all of us hot girls want. Oh Yes we all want a Sugar Daddy to spoil us. I have a few Sugar Daddy’s, Omg they love to take me shopping. Not to mention if they do nice things for me, they get a surprise. Some get there cocks suck and might even get the chance to fuck this hot teen pussy. Yes I love to play in the mall. Omg can you imagine just have sex in the dressing room of one of the department stores. Hell you know as you are reading this you cock is getting hard right now. Are you teacher imagining me bent over your desk.

But then again maybe your the one bent over the desk and need to be taught a lesson. Do you dare to come over to my house and play with me. Give me a call and we can have some naughty taboo fun. Or you can be my slut as I am all about fantasy’s and sex.


Princess Gabby